A&H Architecture

TEN7 Interactive

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Inspired by the office of a colleague and in persuit of a brighter workspace more conducive to the collaborative efforts at the heart of the studio, the web design company TEN7 asked Albertsson Hansen to design a single work table for the entire team in a long linear office loft in Minneapolis’s North Loop. We were happy to oblige, creating a flexible conference space closest to the loft’s only window, separated acoustically but not visually from the main office with a glass overhead garage door. Composed of flush, maple veneer doors left separated slightly by a trough for electric outlets, the table is supplied with electricity by a single conduit dropped from the ceiling, hidden in a lime green post.

Project Type: 
Project Team: 
Christine Albertsson AIA CID, Mark Tambornino Assoc. AIA
Pete Sieger
Of Note 
  • Innovative workspace design
  • IKEA kitchen cabinets
  • Flexible conference space