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Storage Barns

  • Storage Barns Exterior
  • Storage Barns Exterior Oblique & Approach Side
  • Storage Barns Exterior Side
  • Storage Barns Exterior across Field
  • Storage Barns Exterior Roundabout, Entry, & across Field
  • Storage Barns Exterior from Afar
  • Storage Barns Wood-Panelled Loft
  • Storage Barns Wood-Panelled Utility
  • Storage Barns Empty Storage Bay & Staircase to Loft
  • Storage Barns Farm Equipment Stored in Storage Bay
Rural, Minnesota

These three graceful storage barns house the hardworking equipment necessary to maintain a large rural property — while complying with zoning ordinances that restrict the total area of utility structures to 2,000 square feet. The barns are linked visually through common architectural forms and clustered in a courtyard arrangement to evoke rural American farm complexes. A gable-roofed barn houses tractors and trucks and a finished storage attic; a smaller barn holds tractor attachments, mowers, snowmobiles, and other equipment; and a third functions as a car garage and workshop. From a distance, the barns form a small sculptural group, perfectly placed in a meadow.

Project Type: 
new construction
Project Team: 
Christine Albertsson AIA CID
Landscape Architect: 
Close Landscape Architecture
Peter Bastianelli-Kerze
Of Note 

Albertsson Hansen measured each piece of equipment to ensure that the barns were completely functional within the restricted area permitted. Composting toilet avoids necessity of additional drain field. Maintenance-free and recyclable metal roofing.