A&H Architecture

Lakeside Residence

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The goal for this project was to remodel a 1923 cottage style house on an urban lake. The kitchen and dining area form one addition facing the lake. The original kitchen was on the back side of the house, away from views and light, and cut off from other living spaces. The solution was to add a single story gabled form which complements the original house. The vaulted ceiling allows daylight to be brought in from all sides and incorporates half timbering elements present in the original living areas. The height provides a welcome contrast to the low ceilings of the existing main living spaces. The second addition to the rear, includes a three car garage and the children's bedroom wing. 

Project Type: 
Project Team: 
Todd Hansen AIA CID, Mark Tambornino Assoc. AIA, Corri Sandwick AIA
Karen Melvin
Of Note 

- In the kitchen, all of the cabinetry was recessed within deep side walls to emphasize the space of the high ceilings.

- Exterior arched windows were reused internally to provide a view from the kitchen into the entry hall.