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Hastings Farmhouse

  • Hastings Farmhouse
  • Hastings Farmhouse Kitchen from Dining
  • Hastings Farmhouse Kitchen
  • Hastings Farmhouse Dining from Kitchen
  • Hastings Farmhouse Stove & Range Cabinetry
  • Hastings Farmhouse Mudroom & Kitchen Prep Space
Hastings, Minnesota

An interior remodeling and small addition bring new life to this 200 acre working farm south of Hastings. Returning to the family farm where the husband of the couple grew up, the owners added a new entry, laundry, and powder room/field bathroom, and remodeled the formerly dreary kitchen and dining room of the farmhouse.True to the original, the exterior form and details of the addition are deliberately kept quite modest and spare. When coming inside, real mud is now left in the mud room, overalls shed, and washing up completed before entering the rest of the house. The daily arc of the sun is now brightly reflected in the simply detailed, functional kitchen and dining room. The cycle of spring's first asparagus, summer's bounty and winter's starkness continue along with this family's meals and celebrations, just as they have for more than 46 years.

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Project Team: 
Todd Hansen AIA CID, Corri Sandwick AIA
Susan Gilmore
Of Note 

Custom pantry cabinets to fit individual rows of canned goods. Combination of white painted cabinets and open shelving to brighten space. South facing windows let in natural light.