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Great Sunset Point Remodeling

  • Alex Hayden ©Magnolia/Best Buy

Situated on a peninsula on a northern Minnesota lake, this home has become a warm reflection of its growing family. The owners’ desire to develop a stronger relationship with the stunning surrounds became the primary goal of this remodeling, which now feels integral with the land. The original home’s scale and layout made it feel imposing from the exterior and lacking in flow on the interior. The project has much more gracious relationships between interior spaces; rooms link visually and physically to the out-of-doors to create a connection to the land. The home is now welcoming and functional, reinforcing the family’s love for life on the lake and open hospitality.

Project Type: 
Project Team: 
Christine Albertsson AIA CID, Tammy Angaran AIA LEED GA
Morgan Sheff (unless otherwise noted)
Of Note 

Bridge between house and guest quarters; teak boat bar; multiple spaces for entertaining at different scales; spa-like master bath.