A&H Architecture

Carmel Valley Retreat

Carmel Valley, CA

This arrangement of simply gabled, rustically clad forms was designed to give the owner’s a sense of being connected to the rolling hills of this northern California reserve. The individual barn-like buildings are connected by flat roofed links, creating courtyards and microclimate of shade and cool that allow for full immersion into the specificity of the surroundings. The project was taken through the approval process but remains unbuilt to date due to the owner’s relocation to the east coast.



Project Type: 
new construction
retreat home
Project Team: 
Todd Hansen AIA CID, Tammy Angaran AIA, Amanda Kostalik, Assoc. AIA
Landscape Architect: 
Bernard Trainor
Renderings by Albertsson Hansen Architecture
Of Note 

- The master suite and bedroom suite are separate pavilions connected to the main living spaces by a shaded link.

- The landscape is largely left in a natural state per the requirements of the property, with intensification of plantings only in the main courtyard.